Com/privacypolicy. Do not duplicate without USPS approval. Reverse Sender s Instructions USPS Customs Declaration CN 22 From IMPORTANT The item/parcel may be opened officially. Customs Declaration CN 22 Sender s Declaration Instructions for Completing Customs Declaration Please retain this copy and the detached customer copy from page 2 for your records. You will need the information c ontained on these pages if you contact us about the a rticle s you mailed* A PS Form 2976 Customs...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usps cn22 forms

Hi my name's Amy booth and today I'll be showing you how to complete a CN 22 now see on 22 is a customs declaration form and it's used when goods up to the value of two hundred and seventy pounds are being sent to a country outside of the European Union you can pop down to local post office to pick up a scent twenty two or download one from their website but today I'll be using the system called edge docs at stocks is a commercial sales tool which has all of the documents are needed in one place and it also pre-populates a lot of the information I need which saves me a ton of time they can either create the CM 22 as part of a full sales flow or you do have the option to create it as a standalone document which is why I'll be showing you today to get started simply open the document tab and select the CM 22 from the drop down menu as you'll probably notice there are a whole host of other documents there but I'll be showing you those in future videos once you've selected the CN 22 you'll be brought to this screen from here you can review any previous documents you've created or start a new one so let's try it so this is what CN 22 looks like if you haven't seen one before it can look a bit scary but honestly there really isn't that much to fill in however it is important that you get the information right as any inaccuracies or missing info could lead to delays or even your goods being seized by customs if you do get stuck there are some handy instructions at the bottom as edge stocks is primarily commercial sales tool they've added a couple of extra fields to the CN 22 which are the invoice number and sales order ID this is simply to help you organize your sales documents and gets automatically populated by the system so nothing to worry about if you have picked up a copy from the post office these fields won't be on there the next field tells customers what type of package is sending the options you have our gift commercial sample documents or other the other box is generally ticked if you're sending something on a commercial basis once you've made your selection you need to provide a few details about the contents of the parcel including a description of the goods their weight and value if you're using post office form you'll need to complete is manually but as I'm using edge docks I can populate these fields from a list of my own products you can see why it saves time if you're sending goods as part of a commercial transaction then you should also complete the HS tariff number if you don't know the tariff number there are plenty of websites that can help you with this information again as I'm using edge docks I can access that help with one click simply type in a description of your product and select the closest match from the list provided then copy the export commodity code and paste it into the relevant section of the CM 22 after that it's just a case of signing a date in the form again as I'm using edge docks this is already done for me...